Hello brides,

From the start of my wedding planning business, I knew I wanted my weddings to be special. During our initial design consultation with all our brides I want them to understand that I want their weddings to be unique... NOT a cookie cutter wedding. Of course, that's easier said than done but today I'm sharing 3 of the many ways I help my brides break away from the norm by incorporating unique and unexpected details.

1. Make it Personal

First and foremost, I want your wedding to be personal. To represent you and your fiancé. As we plan your wedding my goal is to help you keep it intimate {even if you have many guests}. I am a sucker for love, so I always suggest your "LOVE STORY" should be the focus of the wedding day. Guests love knowing about your past, how you met and how you have gotten to know each other. The key is to incorporate elements that represent the love between you. 

2. Details, details, details

Many brides tell me that one of their first struggles in decision making is selecting the stationary design and I completely understand why. The stationary is the FIRST IMPRESSION your guests will receive and many times the paper goods is the basic element we use to bring in the unique details throughout the whole wedding.

The use of colors, textures and details is what will make "YOUR" wedding represent your love story. Last month, I had a wedding I will never forget because they included so many personal details... it had all the guests talking about them. 


Music is something that is very important to many of my couples.  I personally love the way music makes me feel. It inspires me and I love how music plays a major role on most of my weddings. The songs you choose should not be wedding themed because everyone is playing them but rather songs that mean something to you as a couple. 

So there you go! Whatever you decide to do always think about what will make you and your fiancé happy and we will be along the way to make it happen!


Lots of Love,